#newfriends #myfavoritethings {Robbie is a Senior}

One of my absolute favorite things in the whole world is making new friends. I love, love, love meeting new people. This Saturday I got to meet Robbie and his lovely mother Dianne.



Robbie is an awesome kid. He plays every sport known to man. He wants to do something in the field of engineering, but is not sure what. And, obviously, he is an American.


 Long story short, this kid is awesome. CLICK HERE to check out the rest of his photos!

P.S. We made friends with a lion. Duh.


#sugarandspice #everythingnice {McKenzie Ann is Perfect}


My dear friends Noah and Christie had a baby! YAY! I love babies!

Thursday I got to take pictures of precious McKenzie! I love her!

McKenzie has the most squishy and perfect baby doll face!

PicMonkey Collage

She slept through the whole adventure! Congratulations, Noah and Christie! We love you and your precious baby girl! She is perfect!

CLICK HERE for the rest of her photos!

#Itsaboy #andhesperfect {Little Lucas is Here}

Saturday I got to take some baby pictures. If you are having a bad day you should go find a baby to hang out with. I was not having a bad day, but Lucas took my day from a 7 to a 10. What a great kid! Today (9.14) marks the one month anniversary of his birth! Tomorrow (9.16) was his due date. Little man has had an eventful month! He spent some time in the NICU letting his lungs catch up and has been home for a little over two weeks.



 Can I get a shout out to Lucas’s mom for his BEAUTIFUL nursery?



He is the most expressive little baby!


Lucas, we are so excited that you are home and growing and happy and healthy! We love you!

CLICK HERE to check out the rest of his photos!

#CapeMay #BeachWedding {Andrew & Alicia Got Married}

Last Monday I got to photograph an awesome beach wedding. There are a variety of reasons why it was so awesome… Don’t worry… I will tell you all of the reasons (in way more detail than you probably want).

First, the wedding was in Cape May. Have you been to Cape May? If not, go. It is beautiful. BAM. Photo proof, just in case you were tempted to not believe me.


Second, the families of the Bride and Groom are some of the nicest, friendliest and funniest people I have ever met. Seriously, what an amazing group of people to get to spend a couple of days with.



Third, the Bride and Groom. And that really could be the end of the sentence. But, that is not enough detail, so I will expound. Andrew is chef and Alicia is a pastry chef. They are two of the most creative people that I know. Alicia’s attention to detail throughout the entire day made every single thing fun and interesting. Again, photo proof, because you really should not need to just take my word on these things.



Fourth, is really a follow up on the third, but I have to ask you to allow that. The Bride. Look at her! I mean really, look at her.



 Fifth, Andrew & Alicia’s precious daughter, Clementine Jamie, who was in no way bothered by all of the activity of the day.



 Sixth, and I really am wrapping up here, the Bridal Party. Alicia’s sisters are lovely girls – check them out (Picture is of Alicia, her sisters Nung and Paula, and their lifelong friend, Sarah)! Like I said, lovely.



Now, please meet Andrew’s groomsmen. Jesse (his brother) and Jon (his best friend). Yes, that is a monocle.



In conclusion, it was a lovely, windy, rainy, hilarious day. Andrew & Alicia, we love you and wish you the best! It was an awesome blessing to get to know you and your families better! Thanks for letting us be a part of your day!



 CLICK HERE to check out the rest of Andrew & Alicia’s photos!

#seniorphotos #ilovemyjob #letmetellyouwhy {David is Graduating}

Let me tell you why I love my job. On Saturday we got to take pictures of our friend David. How do we know David? Well my husband Patrick has known David for a really long time and I have known him for quite a while. I met David when he was in 8th grade when he started coming to youth group activities. Here are photos I still had on my computer (from left to right): 8th grade laser tag outing, I think Spring Club Soccer game (9th grade?), helping out at Ultimate Goal Soccer Camp, 2012 Norwin soccer game and Evelyn cheering for David (Norwin soccer game 2013).


What I am trying to convey, without sounding too old and emotional, is that we have gotten to spend a lot of time with David throughout the years and we love him and think he (and his family) are just about the greatest people we know. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for his future (and selfishly, I hope that means Geneva College) and I could not be more thrilled with the man David has become.

We love you, bro.


OH! Also, this is David and his awesome mom, Sue. Also, Patrick and Evelyn photobombing David and his awesome mom, Sue.

CLICK HERE to check out the rest of David’s photos!