#Itsaboy #andhesperfect {Little Lucas is Here}

Saturday I got to take some baby pictures. If you are having a bad day you should go find a baby to hang out with. I was not having a bad day, but Lucas took my day from a 7 to a 10. What a great kid! Today (9.14) marks the one month anniversary of his birth! Tomorrow (9.16) was his due date. Little man has had an eventful month! He spent some time in the NICU letting his lungs catch up and has been home for a little over two weeks.



 Can I get a shout out to Lucas’s mom for his BEAUTIFUL nursery?



He is the most expressive little baby!


Lucas, we are so excited that you are home and growing and happy and healthy! We love you!

CLICK HERE to check out the rest of his photos!

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