#husbandandwife #canyoufeelthelove #lookatthephotos #youwillfeelit {Gary & Carol are in love}

This is Gary and Carol.



Do not be fooled by this classy and normal looking photo… They are a riot! They climbed on trees… They climbed in trees… They caused scenes in the library… Good times were had by all.


Gary and Carol live lives of love and service to their church, their community, their friends and their family.

I love them.


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#MoreFallPhotos #Seniors2015 #AnotherGorgeousDay {Joscelyn is Graduating}

Last Friday we took some photos. Good times were had by all.


This is my friend Joscelyn. She is mega-fabulous. Seriously. Look at her.


We had a great time traipsing all over the greater Pittsburgh area.


 Joscelyn is a senior at Trinity Christian School and she wants to do something in the nursing field. She is a rockstar.

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#FallPhotos #Seniors2015 #PhotosforDays {Andrew is a Senior}

Let’s talk a little bit about how risky the weather has been lately… RISKY. Really, ridiculously risky.

Thursday was a particularly risky weather day. However, as Andrew and I were driving to Oakland, the sky kept getting clearer and clearer, and the sun kept getting brighter and brighter. The weather ended up being DELIGHTFUL.



Andrew and I had a grand old time exploring these train tracks…


Those are real bones.

This is Andrew hiding from the train coming down the track. (Turns out they were active tracks… who knew?)


Very active. Real life train.


Good times.


Anyway, Andrew was a champ and was willing to take pictures anywhere and with anything! We love you, Andrew!


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You know you want to.



#FallFamilyPhotos #lovelovelove #Session2 {Jamie, Kim & Sky}

Saturday was a day full of crazy weather and photography. The second session I got to do was at Jamie & Kim’s amazing house! Things I love about Jamie and Kim include, but are not limited to, the fact that Evelyn said her first word at their house (doggie) and that Jamie is also the first man Evelyn kissed. Main point: Evelyn (and Patrick and I) love this family.


Look at them! What’s not to love?!

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#FallFamilyPhotos #theseareafewofmyfavoritethings #thatweatherthough #session1 {Bryan, Jaime & Bryanna Brave the Weather}

Wherever you were on Saturday there is a chance that it was either snowing, raining, hailing, super windy, mega-cloudy or, for about 10 minutes, sunny and pretty.

Doesn’t that sound like delightful weather to have your pictures taken? One thing I love about photographing in weird weather is that sometimes the clouds do SUPER cool things.



I had so much fun with Bryan, Jaime and their precious daughter, Bryanna! CLICK HERE to check out the rest of their photos!

#Mike&Katie&Kids #FamilyPhotos #Cuties {Agate Family Photos}

These are my friends Mike and Katie. I love them.


These are Mike and Katie’s amazing children.


Ok, that picture does not really show them in all of their precious glory — let’s try this one.


It’s just not fair. Kids should actually not even be allowed to be this cute.

Mike and Katie and their children have insane schedules… I think we rescheduled 4 or 5 times. We finally settled on 6:15 on a Monday night. If you live in this world you are aware of the fact that at 6:15 p.m. in September, you have about … 20 minutes left of usable light. Turns out, 20 minutes was all we needed to take some awesome photos!


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