#ordinationservice {Reverend Nate Keisel}

Last Sunday was the ordination and installation service for Murrysville Community Church’s new Assistant Pastor of Missional Discipleship & Care, Nate Keisel.

Nate is an amazing man who has already been faithful serving this congregation for years while he finished seminary.

What a great night!


Something you should know about MCC is that they take their cake VERY seriously.

This event was no exception! The cakes were beautiful AND delicious!


Also, check out the decorations in the gathering space! The book/flower centerpieces were so cool!



One of my favorite parts of an ordination service is when all of the elders present at the service lay hands on the man being ordained and pray over him.

What a beautiful thing.


Don’t worry! There are a lot more pictures! CLICK HERE to check them out!