This is Matt & Bethany. They love each other. I really like that about them.


Matt & Bethany teach at Blackburn Study Center & Gideon Study Center. In addition to this, Matt is a seminary student and Bethany is a nanny. They love their families, they love their friends and they help at the after school tutoring program at their church. Basically, they are insanely busy and super talented. And I love them lots.

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Is there a better time to take family photos than when everyone is all together for the holidays? I don’t think so! I expected to have a great time taking these photos, I did not expect the weather to cooperate in such fantastic fashion!

These are my friends {Magnuson.Wheeler.Helbig.Hopple} . Are they not the cutest?


Sure, you say, they are cute. But, look at the girls — they are actually the cutest part of this whole family {sorry guys!}.


Things you should know about this family … They take their sports very seriously, specifically, the University of Kentucky, except for John {He is a Tennessee fan} … Who let him in this family?


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So, I have said it before and I will say it again, photos make great presents! Whether you are looking for a gift for parents, your children, relatives who do not live close, a spouse or a sibling, there are a variety of occasions where photos can be the perfect gift.

This month I took pictures of four siblings who were gifting their photos to their parents for Christmas! Such a cute idea! However, because the photos were a gift, this was the only sneak peek I could show:



I mean, that is a cool picture and all, but it totally does not compare to this:



Anyway, long story short, I am so excited that I can finally show you these photos! Love these kids. Love their parents. Love gifting people photos! CLICK HERE to check out the rest of their photos!