#heytheseguysarestillinlove #thatisathingworthcelebrating {Matt & Bethany}

This is Matt & Bethany. They love each other. I really like that about them.


Matt & Bethany teach at Blackburn Study Center & Gideon Study Center. In addition to this, Matt is a seminary student and Bethany is a nanny. They love their families, they love their friends and they help at the after school tutoring program at their church. Basically, they are insanely busy and super talented. And I love them lots.

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#tistheseasonforfamilyphotos #whataperfectlysunnyday {Magnuson.Wheeler.Helbig.Hopple}

Is there a better time to take family photos than when everyone is all together for the holidays? I don’t think so! I expected to have a great time taking these photos, I did not expect the weather to cooperate in such fantastic fashion!

These are my friends {Magnuson.Wheeler.Helbig.Hopple} . Are they not the cutest?


Sure, you say, they are cute. But, look at the girls — they are actually the cutest part of this whole family {sorry guys!}.


Things you should know about this family … They take their sports very seriously, specifically, the University of Kentucky, except for John {He is a Tennessee fan} … Who let him in this family?


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#firstcomeslove #thencomesmarriage #thencomesababyinababycarriage {Silas is here}

You may remember my friends Zach & Amanda. Look how cute they are? She was so cute and pregnant!


Now, they are so cute AND they are now new to the wonderful adventure of parenthood! How terrifying, and awesome!

Welcome, Silas! We love you! CLICK HERE to check out the rest of their photos!

IMG_4291 - Version 2

#SomePeopleJustKnowHowtoNameBabies {Atlas is Here}

This is precious little Atlas.



And let me just say, girl is excited to be here and has stuff to do. Atlas was two weeks old when we took her photos… and she tried to crawl away from me at least two separate times during this photo session — girl has got places to go! I love her and her family! CLICK HERE to check out the rest of her photos!

Photos Make Awesome Presents!

So, I have said it before and I will say it again, photos make great presents! Whether you are looking for a gift for parents, your children, relatives who do not live close, a spouse or a sibling, there are a variety of occasions where photos can be the perfect gift.

This month I took pictures of four siblings who were gifting their photos to their parents for Christmas! Such a cute idea! However, because the photos were a gift, this was the only sneak peek I could show:



I mean, that is a cool picture and all, but it totally does not compare to this:



Anyway, long story short, I am so excited that I can finally show you these photos! Love these kids. Love their parents. Love gifting people photos! CLICK HERE to check out the rest of their photos!