#SnowyDay #FunFunFun #Siblings {Gus, Anna, Ellie & Jane}

“I do want family pictures, but let’s wait until it is snowy outside!”

Yes. Sincerely, some people want snowy pictures! AND I LOVE THAT!

Please meet four of my favorite elementary school friends.


Gus is in fourth grade, is the kind of big brother that holds his sister’s hands when they jump off of walls, and listens to NPR.

Anna and Ellie are gymnasts.



Jane is the cutest little sister.


The day was lovely {frigid} and beautiful {so cold}. CLICK HERE to check out the rest of their photos!

Maddie & Allison {Pretty in Pink}


These girls have grown up so much in the past year! In my mind they’re still pretty much toddlers….

These pictures prove that my mind is wrong.

This is Allison. I love her. I want to tell you this story about the time she fell asleep in the nursery and slept under the table for the whole time we were in there. Ok, that is pretty much the whole story, but it was the cutest thing in the whole world.mough.collage.9

This is Maddie. She is Allison’s older sister. She is in kindergarten. That is insanity. LOOK. AT. HER. CUTE. FACE.


CLICK HERE to check out the rest of their photos!