#MorrisOrganicFarm #BeautifulSunnySaturday {Mother’s Day Mini Sessions}

On April 11th I got to take photos of 5 beautiful & fun families.

Morris Organic Farm is beautiful — check them out!

These families are awesome — check them out too!


Agate Family

Simmons Family

Moreland Family

Strang Family

Fennell Family

Thank you to Randy & Liz Morris for hosting us! Thank you to everyone who came out! Love you all!

#familyphotos #aremy #favoritephotos #andthisfamilyrocks {The Mee Family}

So, once upon a time, just a couple of years ago, I got to teach at this AMAZING homeschool COOP, Blackburn Study Center. Blackburn is awesome. Teaching at Blackburn was incredible. The families at Blackburn were (and are) the greatest. Where am I going with this? I got to know these kids the year that I taught there, and I love them AND I love their parents.


Love. Love. Love. If you know them, I am sure that you love them. If you do not know them, I am sorry. CLICK HERE to check out the rest of their photos!

#familyphotos #motherfatherbrotherssisters {The Smith Family}

This is the Smith Family. I love them. In the photo below they look like a super normal family — almost generic.



If you thought that, you would be wrong.

The below collage of photos is a much more accurate representation of the time that we spent together.


Comedy. Hour. CLICK HERE to check out the rest of their photos!