Day One: Trinity Christian School 2015

There are a thousand different ways to begin to explain the purpose behind, and my motivation for, this project. Let me start here – My husband and I spend a lot of time at Trinity Christian School – Seriously, way too much time, considering that neither of us work there, and that our only child is only 2 years old. So, for those of you who do not spend all of your free time at Trinity Christian School, here is a little bit of an inside look!


One more thing, before you get started: I used to go to church with a woman who worked as the headmaster at a Christian School. Every year, maybe even every quarter, or every morning, I do not exactly remember, she would sit in every seat that would be occupied by a student and pray for them. I would urge you to consider that, and digitally follow her example as you get the chance to “meet” the teachers and students of Trinity Christian School.

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