#PittsburghPhotography #Shadyside #SeniorPhotos #TrinityChristianSchool #Classof2017 {Laura}

This is Laura.Riviere.16

Laura just started her senior year at Trinity Christian School, hopes to attend CMU as a costume design major, is super involved in the life of her school and family, and, in general, is one of the most amazing people I have ever met.Riviere.17

You know the people that can turn your entire {bad} day around with a nice word and a hug? Laura is that person.

Kindest person I know. Oh, also one of the most fabulous.

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#PittsburghPhotography #Downtown #Adventures #SeniorPhotos #TrinityChristianSchool {Maddy}

Senior Photos with Maddy have been scheduled since May 9th. The day I announced what days I would be in Pittsburgh and taking photographs. Lori, Maddy’s mom, does not play around.

Maddy showed up and KILLED it.

She is hoping to attend Ringling College of Art & Design to study animation.

But, you know, she could always model.Thomas.24

Seriously. Look at her.Thomas.15

Even though I included an absurd amount of photos here, there are even more! CLICK HERE to check them out! I love this girl. and her mom. So much.

#PittsburghWedding #SuccopConservancy #MrandMrsButterworth {Andrew & Sarah}

On August 7th these two got married.

Seriously. Look at their faces.


I am not sure I have ever met nicer people. And, not shockingly, the two nicest people have the nicest families and the greatest bridal party.

family collage

We had such a great time photographing this wedding!


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sidenote: there are probably as many photos of Sarah’s grandfather and Andrew’s niece, as there are of Andrew & Sarah.

#FamilyPhotos #HartwoodAcres #Pittsburgh {Boyer Family 2016}

One of my favorite things about my job is working with families again, and again, and again — this family is no exception. Something that was super fun this year was how excited everyone was to pick out where their pictures would be taken, how they would pose, and who all they wanted to take photos with.

A lot of the work you see here is not mine, but theirs! So fun to work with kids who are excited about the whole adventure! Also, fun to see siblings working together and being affectionate with one another — love, love, love.


Boyer.13 Boyer.11

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#EngagementPhotos #McConnellsMills #Pittsburgh #jonathanandBethany #Part1

So. These two are getting married.


In December. We took engagement photos last week, and will be taking more in September (thank you x 1000 for accommodating the fact that I live in Florida now, friends)!

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