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I like these two people a whole lot.

And, I mean this 100%, I liked them before their wedding day.img_7035

But something cool about my job is that I get to spend my entire day with the family and friends of the bride and groom.

And I get to know them so much better.


I loved them more when this day was over. Listening to their friends talk about how supportive, loving, insightful and fun Nathan & LesLeigh are was incredible. I got to know them better, and then I love them even more. EVEN. MORE.

LesLeigh & Nathan are amazing, their friends and family are the same.

 Check out more photos of their day.

#WeddingDay #JoshandVeronica #LoveLoveLove

Josh & Veronica.cc7a6801The Gospel.cc7a6209Family.img_5458Friends.cc7a7011 Love.img_4956What was Josh & Veronica’s wedding day about? Any and/or all of these things. Josh & Veronica are two of the most fabulous people I have ever met. Their love for each other and for God, as well as their families and friends is nothing short of inspiring.

It was a phenomenal day.

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