Mike & Katie’s Hilarious Family

These are my friends Mike and Katie. Mike and Katie have three of the most awesome kids I have ever met in my whole life. Seriously, if you are the person that’s like, “I don’t really like kids…” they have the kids that could change your mind.

LOVE. THEM.Agate.collage.1IMG_4827 Agate.Collage.2

This one time the sun was like, “hey guys… I am going to be in your photos, ok?”

Ok, sun. Ok.

IMG_4829.bw Agate.Collage.3IMG_4856 Agate.Collage.4IMG_4970 Agate.Collage.5IMG_4984 Agate.Collage.6IMG_4918 Agate.Collage.7IMG_4938 Agate.Collage.8IMG_5030

IMG_5005.bw Agate.Collage.9IMG_5044

 Thanks for checking out these photos!

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