The Dalbey Family

img_1470 img_1474 img_1488 img_1503 img_1519 img_1523 img_1527 img_1532 img_1540 img_1541 img_1550 img_1563 img_1569-bw img_1569 This is how boys try to take photos.img_1571 This is how they are supposed to take photos.img_1577 img_1582 img_1602 img_1611 img_1615 img_1618 img_1630 img_1636 img_1644 img_1647 img_1658 img_1667 img_1673 img_1682 img_1693 img_1706 img_1728 img_1737 img_1744 img_1750 img_1754 img_1770 img_1785 img_1791 img_1799 img_1835 img_1836 img_1845 img_1869 img_1910