I like these two people a whole lot.

And, I mean this 100%, I liked them before their wedding day.img_7035

But something cool about my job is that I get to spend my entire day with the family and friends of the bride and groom.

And I get to know them so much better.


I loved them more when this day was over. Listening to their friends talk about how supportive, loving, insightful and fun Nathan & LesLeigh are was incredible. I got to know them better, and then I love them even more. EVEN. MORE.

LesLeigh & Nathan are amazing, their friends and family are the same.

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Josh & Veronica.cc7a6801The Gospel.cc7a6209Family.img_5458Friends.cc7a7011 Love.img_4956What was Josh & Veronica’s wedding day about? Any and/or all of these things. Josh & Veronica are two of the most fabulous people I have ever met. Their love for each other and for God, as well as their families and friends is nothing short of inspiring.

It was a phenomenal day.

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Meet my friend Sam.

When my daughter Evelyn first learned to talk, one of her favorite things to say was, “SUCH A NICE BOY!” and that is all I could think of when I was writing this. Sam is such a nice boy – and insanely smart – and absurdly talented. Honestly, it is kind of unfair. But, even with all the talent, still SO nice.do5a9985This is Sam with his mother, Loretta. In addition to being nice AND friendly, Loretta is one of the most encouraging people I have ever met. LOVE HER!do5a0133 Ok, back to Sam.do5a0039

Sam is playing Detective Sargent Trotter in Trinity Christian School’s production of Mousetrap which opens tonight! I have watched him perform for years and can guarantee that you do not want to miss it! The show is tonight, tomorrow and Saturday and begins at 7 pm!

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