Orlando, you’re lovely. Lily & James, you’re lovelier.

Lily & James got married and it was a wonderful day.

I could say a lot of nice things, but something that Lily’s father said in his welcome to everyone at the reception was quite possibly the nicest thing that I have ever heard at a wedding:

“Of all the men, and of all the families, with whom I might have hoped for Lily to unite herself in marriage, you rank the highest and inspire the most. We embrace you now as a son, and are thrilled to unite our families.”

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I like these two people a whole lot.

And, I mean this 100%, I liked them before their wedding day.img_7035

But something cool about my job is that I get to spend my entire day with the family and friends of the bride and groom.

And I get to know them so much better.


I loved them more when this day was over. Listening to their friends talk about how supportive, loving, insightful and fun Nathan & LesLeigh are was incredible. I got to know them better, and then I love them even more. EVEN. MORE.

LesLeigh & Nathan are amazing, their friends and family are the same.

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