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Josh & Veronica.cc7a6801The Gospel.cc7a6209Family.img_5458Friends.cc7a7011 Love.img_4956What was Josh & Veronica’s wedding day about? Any and/or all of these things. Josh & Veronica are two of the most fabulous people I have ever met. Their love for each other and for God, as well as their families and friends is nothing short of inspiring.

It was a phenomenal day.

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#PittsburghPhotography #ThisWeddingisBae #CranberryHighlandsGolfClub {Cassi & Rob}


Who could ask for more than this from a bride? This is my friend Cassi. We went to college together, We worked in the admissions office together, and sometimes I still laugh out loud when I remember something absurdly funny that Cassi said, or that we did. Hands down, she is the most originally funny person I have ever known.

Cassi married Rob, who may just be the nicest man in the world. And like, funny and silly and nice, not just nice.

These two are winners and their wedding was a blast.


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#PittsburghPhotography #WeddingDay #partytime {Robin & Gary}

So. Listen. This one time, Robin & Gary got married.

And, I am just going to say, the weather could not have been better.shondelmeyer-47

Seriously. So much magic.shondelmeyer-63

Also, the evening was magical!


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Congratulations, Robin & Gary!

#PittsburghWedding #SuccopConservancy #MrandMrsButterworth {Andrew & Sarah}

On August 7th these two got married.

Seriously. Look at their faces.


I am not sure I have ever met nicer people. And, not shockingly, the two nicest people have the nicest families and the greatest bridal party.

family collage

We had such a great time photographing this wedding!


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sidenote: there are probably as many photos of Sarah’s grandfather and Andrew’s niece, as there are of Andrew & Sarah.