#weddingweekend {Greg & Mim say “I do!”}

Photographing a wedding is simultaneously the most stressful thing in the whole world and the most amazing thing ever! The ability to have a front row (or even closer) seat at one of the most important events of a couple’s life is not something to take lightly. Weddings are a glorious celebration, but I am not just talking about the cheering, yelling, high-fiving, dancing and bubble blowing that take place.



I am talking about the prayers between a future husband and wife (around a corner of the building to keep from seeing each other before the ceremony), the prayers between the bridal party before the ceremony, the honoring of family members who were unable to be present at the ceremony and the close up view of the bride and groom’s faces as they commit before God, family and friends to love and cherish each other for as long as they both live — I loved everything about this weekend.



Every wedding is unique because every couple is unique. However, I have never seen a couple look at their wedding with more of an eternal perspective than Greg & Mim. At their reception they sang a song from their Genevans‘ repertoire called E’en So Lord Jesus, which is taken from Revelation 22 and pleads with Christ to return quickly. Greg spoke before they sang and said (much more eloquently than this) that they (Greg & Mim) know that life is hard and that their wedding day is a great day, one of the best even, but that does not shift or change their desire for Christ to return quickly.



As a Geneva alum, one of the funniest things that happened at the reception was when Geneva College President, Dr. Ken Smith, after watching the bride and groom dance, told the father of the bride that, “They might have learned that (swing dancing) while they were at Geneva, but they certainly did not learn it AT Geneva”. I would like to add that the swing dancing was impressive, and so much fun to watch!


Saturday was a beautiful day. Greg & Mim, you are wonderful and your family and friends were a delight! I wish you the best as you begin your life together! Congratulation, Mr. & Mrs. Greg Mead!

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